Vision Statement

  • Our strength comes from our beginnings and partnership approach.
  • We think local and go big.
  • We embrace optimal engineering methodologies while collaborating and growing our industry network.
  • Our tradition of excellence in consultancy services and extensive project portfolio lay the blueprint for future development and mutually successful projects.
  • We want to make a difference in our community and be a key in the code for sustainability and economic growth.
  • We strive to be builders of our community’s future.

Mission Statement

The A.H. Roy family leads Atlantic Canadian electrical and mechanical engineering professionals by delivering innovative, cost effective and comprehensive design and analysis to customers.

Core Values

Public Safety

Hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public along with the protection of the environment and promote these principles within the community.

Social Responsibility
Promote sustainability and resilience in the communities in which we live and work through community involvement and support of cultural diversity and social justice.

Pursue relationships with individuals and organizations that allow us to grow and add value to the services we offer our clients.

Innovative, Dynamic & Open Workplace
Cultivate a workplace where employees create, encourage, improve, ask, teach and learn.

Quality Work
Strive for astute designs and analysis with a quality that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Foster trust within our team, the clients we serve and the community at large through open communication and clear exchange of expectation.