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Mechanical Engineer
27 years experience

Miscellaneous Information

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical, Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 1990
  • Diploma in Engineering, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, May 1987
Continuing Education
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Magnetic Particle Inspection course, May 1992
  • Saskatchewan Research Council Finite Element Analysis course, August 1991
Awards and Scholarships
  • Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia Scholarship, September 1987
  • 3M Canada Incorporated Entrance Bursary, September 1987
  • In-course scholarship at St. Francis Xavier University, September 1986
Work Experience

1996 to Present:
Consulting Mechanical Engineer - Kell Engineering Ltd. - Goshen, NS.
A consulting engineering company that specializes in machine design, failure analysis, and equipment repairs and certification. Duties: company president and chief engineer, 1994 to present.

Consulting Mechanical Engineer - A.H. Roy and Associates Ltd. - Antigonish, NS.
A consulting engineering company that specializes in the design of mechanical systems for institutional and commercial buildings. Duties: design of building mechanical systems, 1990 to 2005.

Consulting Mechanical Engineer - Allan R. Nelson Engineering Ltd.- Edmonton, Alberta.
A consulting engineering company that specializes in failure analysis, insurance investigation and reports, drilling & service rig design and certification, heavy machinery appraisals, and machine design. Duties: mechanical design, computer aided drafting (AutoCAD), finite element analysis, failure analysis, insurance claim analysis, and equipment certification.